FISH Scavenger hunt

I was so lucky to get to be part of an awesome tradition on a Saturday in mid june, and it’s called Fish Scavenger hunt! Originally, Phil was going to do this with three friends, Heather, Fraser and Julia, as a team of four. The morning of, we went over to Heather and Frasers place to do breakfast and I ended up joining in on the fun! We went as “The Amazing Racers”, with camera crew and all. One of the best ideas and decisions I’ve made to this date! Sooo much fun!

Here is the description of the hunt from FISH’s website:

So… what the F is FISH? FISH stands for The Incredible Scavenger Hunt! But it’s not just a scavenger hunt – it’s also a race, a long line of puzzles, a test of your wits and more. Our flagship FISH events are annual, day-long, city-wide scavenger hunts in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON. Teams interact with the public as they race through the city, solving their way to the awards party at the secret end location!

Imagine your team running through urban city-scape while you:

  • chase down creative clues
  • complete challenges
  • solve riddles
  • search out collectibles, and
  • capture outlandish moments on camera…

…all in an effort to be the first team to reach the finish line with the most points!

And, of course, a recap of the day in pictures:


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